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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I MUST Loose Weight!!!!

My new scales.

I haven't had a scales since February when Clas moved out and took the one that we had.

Today I anyhow got the idea to go out and by one to get to know my weight.

Oh, I tell you! It was not a nice surprise to get to know I have gained 5 kg since February!
I anyhow believe it's possible to get back to where I was and I will give it a serious go.

I like to get rid of the extra kilos as soon as possible and I will try to, more or less, starve the coming 2-3 weeks.
Please, keep your thumbs up! I must make it!!!!

I've started the 'loosing weight program' tonight by going out having a real nice last meal.
He,he! I know, I should not tell you this, because now some of you maybe start thinking she will never make it...? But don't worry! I will!

I will start starving from tomorrow morning when I wake up and I will the coming 2-3 weeks (as long as it takes to loose these 5 kg) walk around with a hungry screaming stomach!
I will drink a lot of water and juice to kill the hunger and eat salad with meat or fish at Lewinskis in the nights.
No chips, chocolate, cheese plates in the nights etc.!

He,he! As far as I know there is no name for this diet! Maybe we can call it 'The Starve Diet'?
I know it's not healthy but what don't you do when you get panic and have to loose weight quickly!

The day the 5 kilos are gone I will reward myself by going out shopping some new clothes from the autumn collection, because I'm not allowed to buy any clothes now before I reach the goal! That's like a bait I've made to help myself make it!

The last meal.
I had a Roasted Lamb Shoulder at 'The Little Italy' that is located on Carl the 23rd street.
Oh, it was really delicious!
As soon as I get down to my normal weight I will go out and have lamb again!
I love it!


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