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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Estee Lauder Double Wear

I am a regular customer at the Mego Store in my neighborhood.
I buy all my makeup and perfumes from them.
The girls who work in the shop sometimes give me testers of the products they've got in range, and about a month ago I got a tester of a light weight Estee Lauder foundation cream called 'Double Wear'. I tried it last week and like it so much that I bought it today.

A foundation should be as close as possible to your own skin color.
You only use it to give your facial skin a flat surface. Not to give it a tan!
I always put powder on after I have applied the foundation because that gives even a more flat and dull surface and it's a good base for the other makeup products that you put on afterwords. It makes them stay in place for a longer time.
I bought number 05, Shell Beige, which also was the the number of the tester I got.
This foundation is non-acnegenic and fragrance and oil free!

It stays in place for about 15 hours (even in high humidity!), and gives the face a fresh look.
It doesn't even smuggle or come off on clothes! Isn't that wonderful?!!!
It's exactly what I need on the stage now when we have warm nights.
It has been about +25 in the nights lately and the humidity has also been very high.

I hate when people take photos of me and my face is shiny and sweaty!
If you see my fringe is wet and sweat is dripping down in my face, please, don't take photos!
I will really look like a hillbilly!
I hope my new foundation will avoid some of this problem, but it will for sure not solve it totally. There are no creams that can make you not getting a sweaty face when you sing + dance in +25-28 degrees!

Price: 28,50 Euros for 30 ml, which is not bad.
The foundation I have used lately is about 10 Euros more
expensive and that's also 30ml!


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