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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Single Life

I had pepper steak with green pepper sauce at Rimini + salad, vegetables and
a small bottle of wine. It was so nice! Really delicious!
The meal was anyhow so huge that I couldn't have it all!

I don't know if it's interesting to for all of you to read about what I'm up to now when I'm a single (maybe it's only interesting for the singles who are into the same life?), but I will anyhow tell you what I've been doing tonight.

Like it seams I get more and more friends among the real Canarians here on the island. I think it's because I've learned a little bit Spanish now and can have a conversation with them.

Tonight I went out for a meal to Rimini, which is an Italian restaurant here in Los Cristianos.
I choose the restaurants now where I can get the diet I'm on...
I don't like to have potatoes, rice, macaroni or white bread when they contain too much carbohydrates and I try to change to vegetables instead if it's possible.
Protein and fat + a lot of carbohydrates = Make the fat that looks like car tiers around your waist and will give you double chins!
Only protein + fat = Make you tiny!

While I was eating out on the terrace at Rimini a Canarian man stopped by and talked to me for a while. He was out walking his dog. He's a regular customer at Lewinskis where I'm working.
He asked me out for a coffee after the meal but I had to say no when I was on my way to the Heritage bar after the meal.

At the Heritage bar I met an other Canarian man Suzu, and his friend who was singing karaoke all the time. I had a couple of small beers with them and then I went home.
I feel very tired at the moment but I have still to harvest some crops in the Farmville game before I go to bed...

I'm invited for a car trip, with three Scandinavian guys, up to Teide and The Masca Valley tomorrow morning and I will go for it if I just get to bed early enough.
We will not get back before the evening. That means I will have to go straight to Lewinski and sing, which means I must get all the sleep I need before 9 o'clock in the morning when I have to get up...I hope I'll make it, because I really would like to spend the day with these three guys tomorrow and it's a long time since I last visited Teide and the Masca Valley!

Me and Susu, who is born and grown up in Candelaria, a town here on Tenerife.
He,he! Suzu looks a little bit drunk! Doesn't he?
I tell you! He was not drunk at all!
This is the kind of photo I don't like!
My face is sweaty because of the heat and I look so fat!!!
But a good thing is that I soon will get back to the normal weight and
hopefully loose some extra weight too...and the nights will soon be more chilly and my face will then not look so sweaty.

Me and Suzus hands. Suzu think we would fit very well together because
he is a Scorpion and I am an Aries. He,he! I don't believe in horoscopes at all!
Our hands look very similar though! I mean if you look at the lines!
But I don't even believe in hand readings!

He,he! Some of the Canarians are a little bit suspicious!
His friend who says he can read hands says I will fit very well with him!
I don't believe him and these both guys are only friends of mine! *laugh!*


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