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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tick Tac, Tick Tac...

I am so proud now! As a single I become more and more handy!!!

Yes! I know it's not okay to say like this about yourself! Specially not in Scandinavia where the jante-law tells everybody to stay timid and not brag or be too happy or bold.*smile*
But, I will not be deceitful now and tell you what I've done in a spirit of sadness...
No! Today my self-confidence was strengthened and I'm quite happy!

I have had 5 watches that have run out of battery.
My B-plan has been that I one day maybe could do some exchange work with the "Handsome Cowboy" (that's Clas´new artist name) and get it fixed.
Maybe I could make a gravlax for him or something..?
But today I just got the idea to try to change the batteries myself and I did it!

I destroyed one watch (the one that is my favorite), but I will soon go out and see if I can buy a new similar. Hopefully I can still find it somewhere.

The four watches in a row have now got new batteries.
I also had to buy a set of small screwdrivers.

I destroyed this watch that I have got from a couple in Sweden about 3 years ago.
The hands just fell off when I opened it and I couldn't get them to stay in place anymore.
Later I also lost the smallest hand on the floor and could not
find it although I looked everywhere.

If you see this watch in a shop somewhere on Tenerife, please, tell me!
I must get a new one! It's the most beautiful watch I've ever seen!


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