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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monday Night about 8.30pm

It's a lot more of tourists in Los Cristianos now.
This is on the beach walk, Monday night, when I went for dinner to The Players Lounge.
Tourists everywhere!
Please, click on the photo to get it larger and you can see all the people.

Like always I had the ribs at the restaurant.
In my opinion these ribs are the best on the island.
They are made from baby pigs! That's why the bones are so small!
But Fish and Chips is also recommended if you go there.
I've had that only ones so far but will for sure have it again.

The Players lounge is when you walk from Los Cristianos, pass through the tunnel,
get to the big fountain that is down at the score of San Telmo Beach and look up to
the right onto the second floor. There it is!
They serve homemade English food.

Notice you end up in the right restaurant when
the neighbor restaurants are very close by!


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