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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good Beers At The Players Lounge

It sparkles all the time while you drink it!

The ice cream look.

The foam stays on the inside of the glass!

An English friend taught me in the beginning of the summer how a good beer should be served. It's really a big difference between a beer and a good beer!

1.The beer has to sparkle all the time while you consume it. Then it's good!

2. It's best if it's served in a Carling glass, but a Strongbow glass is also okay.
If it's served in a pint glass the sparkling stops very soon!

3. The glass has to be absolutely dry! If it's not the sparkling stops!

4.The white cap on the top of the beer should look like an ice cream and be higher than the
edge of the glass.

5. When you drink the beer the foam from the beer should be left on the inside of the glass all the way down to the bottom. If it does you've got a good beer!


Please, click on the little arrow if you like to watch the video clip.


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