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Sunday, March 30, 2008

To Sta Cruz

Oh, I have lost the visitors counter that was on my blog, but Clas is going to help me to get it back as soon as he get time.
We have been in Sta Cruz for shopping today and he has bought a lot of stuff there that he is trying to get a clear understanding of.
He bought a new DVD player (we have already got four!), a new CD/Mp3 player for the balcony + speakers, and a small Mp3 player that also can show pictures and movies which he is going to use when he travels somewhere. He love technical things and to figure out how they works. I call him a `thing puck´ (Prylnisse in Swedish).
I didn't find anything else than a vest. But I grasped instead the opportunity to buy some new make up and two new nail polishes + some cream tins.

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