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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fifteen Camels

Some years ago when we were abroad a man started looking at me in a funny way. You know in the way similar to how a horse buyer look at a horse he is going to buy.
Then he walked up to Clas and asked if he would be interested in selling me. He said he was able to pay as much as fifteen camels if he would like to do business.
Oh, I´m so glad and thankful Clas resisted the temptation!
What would my life had been like? And I really wonder how many camels they normally pay for a woman in that culture. Was it a good or a bad offer? Would be interested to know.

It's terrible that there is still a woman trade. In my case it didn't go through but I think of all the girls that still, in reality, are sold without the possibility to choose who they like to marry.
It has to be in opposition to the human rights and I can't understand how it still can happen.

He,He! What would Clas have been doing with the camels?
I tell you, he is as far from being a farmer as you can be! I think he would have changed his mind later when he for sure would prefer soft and feminine humps more than the humps of the camels.

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