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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Our day off

Yesterday when it was our day off we went out shopping. Clas hired a car and we went to Chafiras looking for a new barbeque grill. We would have preferred one with a lid but when there wasn’t any good ones in that style we finally bought an open one that has a plenty of space for the meat. I think we now can prepare food for up to 8 persons at the same time. But our table is only for 6 persons so we will probably not invite more guests than that.
When we got back home we started making a barbeque party for ourselves.
As a starter we had a plate with prawns, eggs, gravlax, Italian salad and white wine. And then we had fillet steaks of pork, mashed potatoes and a cucumber salad with pineapple and basilica and red wine.
I was eating too much and thought I need to be aware of how much I eat this coming week when my stomach probably has expanded and have room for more food than normal.

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