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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our signs

The owner of the restaurant Lewinski called the government of Arona yesterday and asked where our signs are.
They got to know that they are behind a fence up in Busanada which is a small town about 10 km from Los Cristianos and they will have to pay money to get them back. The person in the phone couldn’t tell when they can come and get them and they were told to call again later.
Hopefully they can get an appointment soon and go there and get them back.

When we started playing yesterday it was only a few people at the restaurant and it looked really bad.
After playing about one hour we started becoming crowded and I think we had about 130 visitors if we count everyone that were in during the night.
Some told us they had seen the signs were not there and they had thought we are not going to play in the night. Later they had heard the sound when we started playing and came over to dance and listen to us.
It seems like our signs are very important and maybe we will have less guests until we get them back.
The worst thing that can happen now is that the government is delaying the answer of when we can come and buy them back.

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