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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The questions of the day

Will we run out of beef on Tenerife in the end of March?
European Union stated, the first of February, a ban of Brazilian beef because of the mouth and foot decease that is common over there.
The commission said the ban is not causing the member nations of Europe any problems when only about 20% of the meat in the union comes from this country.
What they didn’t think about is that here on Tenerife 80% of the beef is Brazilian and now there seems to be a problem to quickly find meat at the same cheap price from another producer to fill up the gap.
The gap of 20% in the rest of Europe will not cause any big problems when they can fill it up with European produced beef that is more expensive.
The beef that is already on the way from Brazil will be let in until the 15:th of March and the shops and the restaurants will probably buy it all and put it into freezers and sell it out later. Maybe for a higher price?
What about the tourists? Will they become unsatisfied if they have to pay a very high price to have a fillet steak?
Maybe there will not be any beef at all in the restaurants, for a while, when the restaurants have to get their prices approved in Santa Cruz before they can start using the menus. They can probably not sell the meat for the prices that are in the menus today if they will have to pay a lot more than before to get the meat.
It seems like many of the statements of EU are making it worse for the citizens who are living in the outer areas of the union. Of course we don’t like to have bad beef but why do they forget to think about a new provider for us when they make the statement?
Should we start recommending the tourists to bring meat in their suitcases in the end of the month?

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