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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Computer repair

When we got our internet back about a week ago our new computer suddenly gave up. The windows program in it didn't even start.
Clas brought it to a company that will fix it. They promised to work on it yesterday and to call when it's ready. They never called!
We stoped by on the way to the work last night and they hadn't even started looking at it.
They promissed it will be ready today.
Clas went there about twelve o'clock today and when he showed up they started working on it and promissed it will be ready at 5.00 pm.
Now he came back home and said we are not going to get it. They had fixed it but when they started the computer it broke down again. Now they are going to change the whole system from Vista to XP. Hopefully it starts working.
I am now using the old computer. Good luck we haven't been giving it away yet!
I really wonder what is going to take place next. It seems like everything we own is under attack!
When one thing is working the next thing gets out of order. Why?
Is this all happening to us because we need to be trained to be patient? Without a big measure of patience you probably can't make a living in Spain where everything is manana, manana.
Thinking that way we maybe should be happy about all the problems that occur.
Possitiv thinking is always good. Isn't it?

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