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Monday, March 10, 2008

The bus stops

I went shopping one day last week to San Isidro, a town here on Tenerife.
I decided to go there by bus when many of the buses here in Los Cristianos pass the town that is beside the motorway.
The bus stopped in the lane that is specially built for the reason and we were three persons who stepped out.
I started follow the other ones when I didn’t see any pavement or path for the pedestrians, hoping they are on their way to the town.
First we had to cross an exit-road of the motorway with no visibility. I was running to be sure to not be run over by the speeding cars.
After passing a small grove we were all claiming up to the bridge that is crossing the motorway. Up there you really had to keep the balance to not fall down while you were claiming over a fence that was about three foot high (80 cm). It was a lot of sand and stones at the hill and I was lucky I had comfortable shoes on my feet.
When we had passed the bridge I had to cross a couple of more roads with speeding vehicles before I out of breath got to the town.
Imagine there are no lanes or sidewalks built for the people that choose to go by bus and you really feel like a cattle that is wandering around as soon as you get out from the bus. You feel you are in the wrong place wherever you walk. Special when you have to cross the exit-roads of the motorway. That is a place where you never should be allowed to walk.
After scanning the stores and shopping a lot of silk stockings, a brown skirt and a dark red shirt to Clas and the dining table and the chairs for the balcony I was finally ready for returning back home.
Now a new adventure started. First I had to walk through a small field of sand, lava stones and bushes. Good luck I had the right shoes on!
Then I had to claim over a fence that was about 3 foot high and I also had to cross an exit-lane with speeding cars from the motorway. Oh, I was really scared.
I wonder how the old ladies can get over the fence. Maybe they are creeping on the ground under it?
I know this sounds like I have missed out the lane that ought to be there, but there isn´t any lane or path to walk on! This is for sure really how it is! It´s unbelievable! The bus stops are built between the two exit-roads of which one is going into the town and the other one is going out from the town. And when you check it out you can see that´s how the bus stops are placed in the most of the places along the motorway.
Down at the bus stop lane it looked terribly. There was trash every where. I thought I need to take a photo with my cellular phone and blog about it.
Oh, I really feel commiseration for the people that have to go by bus every day. It’s really uncomfortable to get to the bus stops and it is dangerous too.
Please, click on the photo to get it enlarged. All the white spots are trash!

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