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Sunday, March 09, 2008

A short update

We have been into a lot of things since we lost the internet and I will write a short update now.

We didn’t buy the car I told you about earlier. We decided we don’t really need it. We drive very seldom and it wouldn´t be clever to pay the road taxes, the insurance, the yearly check up and eventually other services. We thought it is less expensive for us to just go by taxi or rent a car when we like to go somewhere.

I have been looking for a dining table and chairs that would fit on our balcony for a long time. A couple of weeks ago I finally found them and I am so lucky. We are decorating the balcony in a Texas country style and the dining set I found is in Mexico style and is made in the right type of wood .

We caught colds again a couple of weeks ago (the second time in 6 weeks!) and have sounded like parrots in the end of the nights. We both got fever, sore throats and running noses. This has also caused our new CD to be postponed for over a month so far. Hopefully we can start recording the song soon when that is the only thing that’s left.

A report about us was broadcasted yesterday by the Finish national TV company.
The pictures was from last year when Sundom NärTV ( a finish local TV company) visited us at Lewinski and in our home here in Los Cristianos.

The Finish Radio also broadcasted a twentyfive minutes long program with us last Monday.
The interview was made at Lewinskis the Friday before.

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