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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Salmiak and Finnish bread

There are two Finnish products that I start missing every time I live abroad.
One is Salmiak ( salt and liquorice sweet) and the second is the finish coarse rye bread, special one called Revitty.

Since Christmas time we have been provided with the delicasies all the time. People we know who comes down to Tenerife have brought us the products and right now we still have got some bread in the freezer.
About a week ago a friend of us, Tomas, who works as a steward on Finnair, brought me two big boxes of my favorite Halva Salmiak.
In the end of the night at Lewinski I invited our workmates to taste how good candies we have in Finland.
One of the waiters, Kumar from India, has tasted Salmiak before and didn’t like to have any.
But Raul, the man from Cuba, who is employed to watch our sound equipment out on the terrace during the night time, had one.
He put it in the mouth and started sucking it with an expression on his face that said `what is this tasting like´? After a while he asked in spanish – What is this sweet made of? I think it is licqorice or ammoniac or something like that, I replied.
Now he really looked like his brain was working on full capacity and suddenly the candy just popped out from his mouth. Poor Raul! I knew he wouldn’t like the taste of Salmiak.

When we lived in Florida 1996-97 Clas asked his mum to send us ABC Salmiak.
We hadn’t had any for a long time and were dreaming of it constantly. The corners of my mouth were almost moving up to the ears if I only started thinking of how it would taste to have a salmiak. I missed it so much.
She had bought 4 bags and, I tell you, the candies were the most expensive Salmiak we ever have had because of the postage.
One day we were out in a park with our friends from the church and Clas invited them to taste Finnish Salmiak.
You could see on their faces that they didn’t like it. After a while somebody asked what the candies were made of and Clas was joking and told them it’s made of Camel shit.
Like timing the sound from a horn they all spitted it out in the same time and somebody almost started vomiting. We were laughing like crazy.
Salmiak is not made of Camel excrement even when the taste probably is similar to it!
For finish people it is very delicious and it is my favorite candy.

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