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Friday, March 28, 2008


Remember to adjust your watch forward one hour at 2 am Sunday morning!
There is a saying to help you remember how to adjust the watch;
`In the springtime you take forward your garden furnitures ( adjust the time forward) and in the autumn you take them back into the storage ( adjust the time backwards)´. He,He! here we keep them out the year around!
I have a chocking experience about forgetting to adjust the time.
We were on an island called Poros in Greece in April 2002. The night before our journey home the time changed to summertime.
When we took in at the hotel a week earlier we were offered to change to a better room than the one we had booked and agreed. We got a room higher up in the complex and got a nicer view.
The day before departure our travel agency were placing notes under everyones door to remind us of the adjustment. They didn't know that we had got an other room and because of that we didn't get any reminder. Busy being on holiday we forget about the summertime and missed the fast ferry, by an hour, that would take us to Athen . It was really chocking!
We went over to the office of the travel agency but it was closed when it was very early in the morning. After a while we met a man at a bar and told him about what had happened to us.
He started calling around and after a while he had arranged a private transport to get us to Athen.
First we went by a small taxi boat from the island over to the mainland of Greece. It took only about 20 minutes. When we arrived at the shore on the other side of the sea there was a taxicab waiting for us that would take us all the way to Athen. The taxi driver was speeding in 100-140 km per hour for about two hours and risked both his life and our lives to get us there in time.
The mountains are high at the coastline and there is a lot of turns and we were like flying back and forth in the backseat. After a while Clas started feeling ill and had to stare at the road the rest of the travel to not start vomiting.
Fifteen minutes before the departure we arrived at the terminal. We had called the travel agency from the car and they knew we were on the way by taxi and they were waiting for us at the check in.
After getting our tickets we had to run for about 300 meter to get to the plane.
Oh what a nightmare this travel was but we finally made it. Thanks to the local man at Poros who started helping us and tanks to the taxi driver who maybe was doing the Grand Prix of his lifetime.

I maybe shouldn't tell this. But last spring we were telling everybody to adjust the time but forgot about it ourselves. We arrived at the restaurant a few minutes before we should start playing in the night and again we were like in a nightmare.
Oh, I hate this! If I could meet William Willet he would get to know what his idea about summertime has caused me. And I am sure not only me!
If you have got bad experiences, please tell about it in the comments.

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