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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back on stage

We started playing again Sunday night after having a vacation of nine days.
We went to the owner of Lewinski in the middle of the day asking if we could stay home a couple of more nights when it was so hot and everybody said it's no tourists out in the nights. But we were told to start again and we proved very sceptical to the suggestion and told each other we will not have more than maybe three or four tables with guests.
Guess if we were surprised when the restaurant after a while started filling up. It was a crowded night and we had many line dancers as well. Thanks to the owner who told us to start again!
It's still very warm weather and it's +29 on our balcony. The sandy storm has abated and the skies are more clear and we hope to be crowded tonight again. But it's a change over day for the tourists so it depends on how tired they are when they arrive to the island. Maybe we don't see many before tomorrow night?

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