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Friday, April 04, 2008

No fines!

We went to the owner of Lewinski today to talk about the police visit yesterday.
Good luck! We haven't been fined for the sound!
There is somebody who is envious when we have got so many guests in the nights. They call the police in hope to shut us down, but everybody think it's something sick about it.
The police have, of course, to come and see us but they are not after us at all.
When they come we have to take down the sound to show the neighbors the police have been there talking to us and then it's alright again.
You can't move down into the middle of a tourist resort and say it has to be quiet when you like to go to sleep at 10 o´clock! If you like to sleep in the evenings you should choose an other place where to live! A tourist resort has to have entertainment and without that the tourists are going to leave the place.
I told Clas this morning that I am so tired of being accused for the sound that I like to change restaurant, but now I know it's no problem and the police is not against us. Our sound is alright!
Tonight we continue playing in the normal way.

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