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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Loosing weight

The summer is soon here and the magazines are filled with reportages about loosing weight.
Oh mi Madre, as the Spanish people say, I know I am too roundish. Or maybe you call it chubby in English?
I read in a magazine yesterday that they have figured out that you eat more when you buy large portions. What a revelation!
Of course you eat more when you buy a larger amount. You don't buy it to throw it away. Do you?
But to be honest, I very seldom eat up everything I buy. Instead I am the one who like to have many different plates and tastes.

Somebody had been doing an investigation at a cinema and found out that the people who bought the big sizes of snacks had more calories than the ones who bought small sizes. Maybe something to think about?
Yes, I agree that it's more healthy to choose a smaller cone of popcorns when you go to the cinema, but when you go out buying stuff in town they maybe don't have different sizes of your favorite sweets.
This idea of loosing weight sounds quite good and healthy though, if you can make it a lifestyle.

If the food is your problem, don't order any starters and deserts. If you drink too much coke or beer. Take a small one instead of a large one. If you like to have an ice cream choose the smallest one. If they bring you a big plate with a lot of stuff on - just eat what you like most...
It's very easy! Eat whatever you like but in small amounts! Good Luck!

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