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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


It's really different to be a singer on Tenerife.
We get a lot of gifts all the time from the tourists.
This last week we have got playing cards from Scotland, 1,8 kg liquorice from Denmark and today I got two nice shirts from a couple in Sweden sent to me by mail. They were exactly the right size and the style I like and I am so happy.
A friend of us from Finland even brought us three bags with finish bread and two big boxes of Salmiak last week.
I can't start telling about everything we have got during the last years but it is a lot of things.
It's souvenirs, clothes, jewelries, watches, food, candies, CD´s, DVD's, magazines, books, wall calendars, lighters, toy animals, table clothes, Cowboy accessories and hats, flowers, candles and a lot of photos and drinks etc.
I think we have like Christmas almost every week and get very spoiled. People are so nice and have hearts of giving.
Many have also invited us to come and visit them in their countries.
I could never have thought our life on Tenerife would be like this.
And the best of all, we meet people from all around the world and many come back time after time and we get a lot of friends.
What can I say? I feel so blessed and grateful in my heart.

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