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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

UFO sightings in the archipelago

Is Mount Teide (3918m) a magnet for UFOs? Does it have an aura around it which can be seen from another hemisphere?
This is a couple of the questions that were made in an article of Tenerife News.(11.04.2008)

New recent seeings of UFOs have got people in the Canary Islands talking again.
About a week ago, several alleged sightings of an UFO in Gran Canaria made the headlines, with a number of people calling the police and the media after spotting a large bright object floating in the sky. Even last autumn a couple in La Laguna on Tenerife watched a wedge-shaped object hovered near their home.And between August 2004 and December 2005, three separate sightings also hit the headlines and each concerned a photograph.

It's said that unexplained lights have soared above the volcano throughout history and there are constant of commercial liners being intercepted by brilliant lights which the bemused pilots have been unable to explain.

1975 an commercial jet on it's way from Austria to Tenerife had to make an emergency landing in Valencia after been trailed by pulsating red objects which zig zagged across the skies.

1992 witnesses claimed a mysterious aircraft fell from the skies at Teide but it was all hushed up by the Spanish military. Apparently, a group of friends had been walking near mount Teide when they were told by soldiers to go home when there had been a landslide. They had sneaked back and alleged they saw a powerful beam of light on the side of the vulcano and later spotted a convoy of military trucks transporting a huge object. Whatever happened the force was enough to snap off a 450 ton lava projection from the side of Mount Teide. Could it be the rock the trucks were transporting or was it really a flying saucer?

Last year a doctor visiting a patient in Tenerife and his taxi driver had seen a flying saucer descend in front of them with two huge figures dressed in red at the control panel.
These incidents coincided with a more believable prolonged and logged report 1976 from an armed Spanish navy escort ship whose crew observed yellow-blue lights in the sky - lights which were also seen by hundreds of recidents of Tenerife, La Palma and La Gomera, makes people confused.

I don't really know what to believe. It sounds like a first of April joke but the paper has published this the 11:th of April.

If you like you can write `UFO Canary Island´ on Googel and search and you get more information about UFOs that have been seen in the archipelago.

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