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Sunday, April 20, 2008

El Hierro

This is La Restinga where we are going to stay, a small fishing village with nice waters for diving

Tomorrow we are leaving for El Hierro, the small island south-west of Tenerife, behind La Gomera.
We have already booked everything; the tickets for the ferry, the car and the hotel.
We don't have to be at the ferry terminal here in Los Cristianos before twenty minutes before the departure time and that's nice when we have a lot to do at home before we leave. The trip with the Fred Olsen ferry lasts only for two hours.
The car hiring company is going to bring us the car when we arrive at the harbor of El Hierro. They have their office at the airport.
We are going to stay at the same hotel as last time. It's a lovely place in the southern part of the island. The apartment is up in a tower and you have a nice view over the town, the beach walk and the harbor and there is a lovely restaurant in the neighborhood where we have the dinners and an other lovely restaurant at the beach front where we have our breakfasts and lunches.
It's a very quiet place and almost no tourists. Maybe only Clas and me and some divers who stay under the water in the daytime.
Now we are just going to relax!
I have figured out it's not possible to rest while you are at home where you have the computers, the internet and a lot of things which need to be done.
First I thought I will bring the laptop with me, but now I have changed my mind and leave it at home. We are just going to spend all the time in the wonderful nature of El Hierro walking along the beach, visiting caves, strolling in the mountains and sit in the nights and talk nonsense with the locals.

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