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Friday, April 04, 2008

Fines again?

Clas was so happy a couple of days ago when he got all our computers to work . He said `Now everything is in order, I really wonder what is going to happen next´?
Last night we almost got the answer!
About 11.30 pm when we were playing at Lewinskis one of the waiters suddenly came up to us and told us the police were on their way in.
He knows there is a neighbor who always complains about our sound.
He was right! Out on the street was two polices and they stepped into the restaurant and went up to the bar.
We took down the sound a little bit and continued playing.
After a while the waiter came up to us again and told us to take down the sound even more and we had to take it down so much that we hardly couldn't hear what we were singing.
The waiters had again to show all the papers of the restaurant.
We didn't even go and talk to the police when it seems like they don't like us to be involved.
Last time when they took our signs I went out to the street to talk to the police who was standing there but he answered me buy screaming straight out that I have to go into the restaurant directly.
They don't like us to be involved in the business they have with the restaurant and it's only the owner who gets to know what's up. Maybe we get to know tomorrow what it's all about?
One of the waiters said they had been complaining about the sound and then we have heard the fines can be quite high. Hopefully they will impose a fine on something else.
We have heard that this all is happening because we have got the most of the tourists on the south, but we don't know if it's true. We had a full restaurant yesterday ( about 130 guests) but it was a calm and nice evening and nothing happened that would cause a police operation.
It's going to be interesting to hear tomorrow what we are accused for this time.

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