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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Very Hot!

This satellite photo shows how the sand is blowing from Sahara out over the Atlantic Ocean.

Oh, now it's very hot here on Tenerife!
We have had + 37 on our balcony today and that was in the shadow! Right now it's + 32 and it's 8.30 in the night!
The calima is terrible this time and it's very dusty air and I haven't been out anything today except when I was out shopping in the middle of the day. We try to keep all windows and doors closed and now it's only about 26 degrees inside.
Many times when the calima gets strong it ends with a heavy shower and now we don't know if we can play tomorrow. If it's raining cats and dogs we'll stay at home...If it's still + 35 or more in the night we stay at home when all the tourists probably are locked up in the hotels to avoid breathing the sand...and if it's strong winds with a hurricane intensity we can't be out on the terrace playing when nobody can sit there ...Maybe we can be off for a couple of more nights?
To be honest with you, we don't know right now how it's going to be.
As musicians on Tenerife you have to be flexible and it's always the weather and the tourist flow that rules your life. But it's very seldom the weather rules. We have the best weather in the world with no big differences in the temperatures and the weather we have right now is unusual.

Clas has now used his brain to figured out how he can make Finnish Garlic cucumbers for us.
He is very cleaver! Maybe we will have the delicacies after a couple of days. That would be nice!
Oh, I can already feel how it's going to taste in my mouth! Delicacy!!!

Tonight I made two thick fillet steaks with creamed root vegetables for dinner. That because the Tasca Avenida restaurant at El Hierro, which is the best restaurant in La Restinga, had run out of fillet steaks.

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