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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


When we woke up today we went out for breakfast/lunch to a restaurant called El Parral here in Los Cristianos. It's in the neighborhood of Lewinski.
The food was nice but its quite expensive to eat there. It's a Spanish restaurant and they have a lot of Tapas and the restaurant resamble restaurant Meson Castillano in El Camison.

I have been cleaning the house the rest of the day and now we are soon going out for dinner.
Where? we don't know.
We are off tonight. We had only about 40-50 guests during the night yesterday and we decided to ask if we can be off tonight when we know it's a change over day for many tourists today and it probably would be a weak night again.
We have been working six nights a week since December and start feeling tired. It seams like we need more and more sleep every night to make it.
Many artists, on this globe, work normally 3-4 nights a week and have an 1,5 hour show.
We work for three hours every night 6 nights a week and it maybe wouldn't be normal to not be tired. You give out a lot of energy on the stage even when it looks like you just sing and play.
But there are also artists that work seven days a week and some of them have to take drugs or drink a lot of alcohol to make it. I don't like to drink at work when that for sure will destroy my life.
I wonder how many would like to have a night out looking at a drunk person?
And drugs is something that I am scared of. I have never tried and don't like to try either.
We are planning to have at least a week off in May and then we go to El Hierro to relax.
It will be nice and we will come back like new people.

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