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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The electricity

Wind power plants here on Tenerife.

A while ago we lost the electricity in our house again.
We wonder what's the matter and we have been standing out on the balcony like two doves, watching what's going on down on the street, like the other neighbors always do when something is up.
The electricity comes and goes like it seams.
Unelco (the electricity company) is very quick. It takes only a couple of minutes and then they are here with their car and open the small door they have out at the street. They take out some parts and put in some new parts and then it works again. It seams like they are watching our house carefully when they are so quick to be here every time it goes out.
Today when I came back home from the shopping tour the wife of the landlord were standing at the entrance of the house warning everybody to use the elevator.
That was nice when it wouldn't be fun to be locked inside between two flats.
Before I had mortal fear when I was in an elevator but then I learned to trust in Gods care and now it's not really a problem anymore. If I die I die, but I don't believe that I am going to die because of an elevator accident and I believe I am still going to live for many years.
I don't feel that I have finished my mission here on the earth yet. I hope I am right.

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