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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grand Prix, Barcelona

Clas in his "Formula uno" outfit.

Jihaa! Kimi won the race in Barcelona!
We hoisted the Finnish flag on our balcony, like we always do when he wins, to show the neighbors where we are from and who we support.
I think Alonso has got the most fans here on Tenerife and second could maybe be Massa?
I don't know about any other supporters who live on the island who are fans of Kimi.
But I don't think we are the only ones. He might have many Ferrari fans here who support him.

A couple of years ago you could see many Spanish people, here on the island, wearing Renault T-shirts to show they were supporters of Alonso. The hysteria has now cooled down a little bit when he hasn't been much on the podium. But he had a quite good qualification race in Barcelona and ended up number two so maybe he will do a come back. It must have been very frustrating for the fans and himself at the Sunday race when the car started burning and he had to stop.
I think he is a good driver but it seams like the car isn't good enough. But you never know! Maybe we will see a lot of the blue-yellow shirts here on Tenerife again if the car gets better. The old fans can proudly start using the old Renault t-shirts they bought a couple of years ago i.e. if they didn't throw them away when he went to the stable of McLaren last year.

Clas has got 5 different Grand Prix shirts which he uses in the daytime. On two of them it only says McLaren (he is a Mercedes fan), two have got Kimis face on them and one has Heikki Kovalainens name on it.
He is called " El Sheriff" by some of the Spaniards here in our neighborhood. Thats because they see him every night in cowboy outfits and hats and with the `sheriff star´on his vest.
But he don't walk around like a sheriff in his spare time!
No! Then he looks more like a Grand Prix freak or something like that.
When he walk out on town he furthermore uses black sunglasses and a black cap and almost nobody recognize he is the cowboy.
When I go out there are people everywhere who nod and greet. That's how it is when you work on a stage in a small town like Los Cristianos.
I haven't got any Grand Prix shirts and I haven't even been thinking of buying one.
I think the look of the shirts are too masculine and definitely not my style.
Why can't they make a really pretty dress for the women. I would like to have a short, creased, red one with Kimis name on and all the company logos and it would be nice if it has a belt around the waist.

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