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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Grand Prix

Kimi is satisfied with the results of the Grand Prix in Bahrain. He was number two and has now got 19 points and is leading the championship.
Massa won the race in Bahrain and that is good because he hasn't got many points since the start of the season and is not so far a threat for Kimi.
Next race is in Barcelona 27.4. Let' s see if Alonso can make it on his home ground? Poor guy! It seams like his car isn't strong enough?
Maybe Massa is going to be first again? I say "Kimi,Kimi, Kimi...!!!"
Clas says "Kovalainen, Kovalainen, Kovalainen...!!!" And our friend Paul says "Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton...!!!" What if, let's say, Kubica win?
All the three of us will have to stand with long noses! like we say in swedish.

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