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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Collapsing wall?

The wall

Yesterday was our day off and we invited some friends from Malax, Finland for dinner.
Later in the night when we all were sitting out on the ballcony it suddenly sounded a bang from the restroom. We thought something falled from the shelf and our friend Tina went over there to see what happened, but everything looked alright.
This morning Clas woke me up by telling me one of the walls in the toilet is bending out and the glazed tiles are almost coming down. Now I am afraid it's going to collapse and we have to wait until tomorrow to get it investigated. A couple of years ago they strenghten all the pillars in the cellar and you could see already then that the house had started sinking in the corner. Maybe it needs to be said that the house we live in is only about 15 years old!
Hopefully we don't have to be evacuated.
It has happened before that houses have collapsed here on the island. Some years ago even a big hotel in Las Americas collapsed! Something was wrong with the design.
In December a couple, that have bought an apartment in one of the new buildings here in Los Cristianos, got a surprise when they came home and found the floor looked like it has went through an earth quake! All the tiles were sticking up from the floor!
Maybe it is the sand storm that is raging outside that started the whole thing in our house?! We have a calima going on right now and it is very warm and windy.
Or has there been a small earth quake?! I hope we are still alive tomorrow!

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