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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Ironing is something I don't like and every week there is a lot of clothes that need to be done.
This morning there was a big pile of stuff waiting and I really hesitated to start doing it when I rather would like to blog. But I decided to do the ironing first and started ...After a while I got me a nice surprice! There was a set of bedclothes in the bottom of the pile and I'm not so pedantic that I would start making them. I only do the pillow cases.
Up in Finland I've got a mangle to use but here on Tenerife we sleep in creased quilt duvets and I think we sleep as good as in Finland.
Talking about Finland! My first mother in law was (don't know if she is still doing?) carefully ironing the underwears for her husband. They looked like brand new! And Clas' aunt was ironing the bills that her husband got from the customers when he was driving his taxi car. She didn't like him to give wrinkled change back to the customers. But that was in the old good days when people still got time ! Today I know some people that never use the iron!

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