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Monday, January 21, 2008

The wall again

The tiles are almost falling down from the wall

Now the bathroom is inspected and it will be repaired Friday-Sunday while we are on El Hierro.
It's nice they can fix it right then, because that means we don't have to live in a lot of dust without a bathroom and with workers running in and out.
The man ment it's not dangerous and they can repair it and he said they can start already tomorrow but we prefer to get it done while we are on El Hierro.
I think this is the most rapid service we ever been offered since we came to Tenerife. Normally you maybe have to wait for weeks or months to get this kind of work done. When our water heater gave up last summer we had to wait for one week to get it changed! They promissed to show up every day but never came. I was almost screaming every time I had a shower when it felt like jumping into a sea filled with ice floes.
Hopefully they start the work Friday as promissed and we have a brand new bathroom when we come back home.

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