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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Because of the large amount of trash that everyone produces every day it is very important to start thinking in our Planet's health!
The basic idea is to "wear" in your page one of these RecyclingPins to remember all visitors the responsibility to Waste Recycling, Separation and Reutilization!
It's a small gesture... but with your help, it will become a big one!

Please, Recycle!

This is a letter I got in my e-mailbox today.
I was careful with the recycling before when I lived back home in Finland...
But here on Tenerife! Who cares?!
I've heard the stuff finally ends up on the same scrap-heap somewhere down in a walley here on the island.
I will put up a recyclingpin here though. To all of you that don't live on Tenerife.


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RecyclingPin said...

I sent you the email regarding the RecyclingPins. The idea is to use our RecyclingPins (using the images and the associated html code) and refer to our page, so that other people can visit it and join this initiative too.
Please refer to http://RecyclingPin.blogspot.com using one of our nice RecyclingPins.

Thank you for joining us!
RecyclingPin Team