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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New hair colour

Yesterday I had an appointment with my hair stylist James from London.
I've been thinking for a long time that I have to change my hairstyle somehow, and yesterday I told him to take away the hilights I've had for about two years now. I told him to colour my hair dark brown which is more similar to my own hair colour. And to put a few dark copper brown hilights into it.
Today I really feel like a new woman! I just have to stop and look in the mirror every time I pass it!
Clas´ comment on it was that I look six years younger! He, he! Maybe he tries to collect some extra points with me? I don't know but I choose to believe him. He looked serious when he said it though!
Last time I had dark hair it caused me a problem. A man came one night, to the restaurant where we played, together with his wife and an other couple. After a while he came up to the stage with dogged lips and told me that I'm not the lady singer that is on the big sign outside the restaurant!
`Yes! I am!´ I said. `No! You are not!´he replied with a commanding voice. `The lady on the sign outside the restaurant is a country singer from England, and you're not her!´he said. I tried again to tell him that I am really the lady on the sign...and that I've got my hair coloured darker... and..., but he didn't believe me.
Later when I told this to my friend Debbie she said I really look like an other country female singer, from England, on the sign. So maybe these two couples had planned to have a night out listening to her and ended up listening to me..?! I don't know! Sorry man, if I fooled you!
If you are on Tenerife and like to have your hair done I would like to recommend you to go to James in Las Americas. But you have to book in good time when he's very busy! Phone: 922 792 166.

The signpost outside the restaurant

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Anonymous said...

Sidu va fint! borde själv besöka frissan..jag sparar håret längre nu..önskar att det gick fortare!!!