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Monday, January 21, 2008

La Restinga , El Hierro, May 2007

From the left:
Me looking out from a cave.
Clas is posing for a "post order catalogue".
Warning for cows!

I will show you some pictures from the last time we were on El Hierro.
The quality is not good when Clas had bought a new phone and it had a plastic film on the camera lens that we didn't know about.
Pay attention to the hoofs on the cow sign! They look more like the hoofs of a horse! And the head is more looking like the head of a cat or a dog!...But the behind is however looking like a real cow behind!
Clas' shorts are from "Confecciones 99" in Los Cristianos 12.95 euros, and the shirt is from a shop somewhere in Los Cristianos, 14,90 euros. The sunglasses are 4 euros, from an african salesman on the street somewhere?! Not expensive at all!
It looks like Clas is standing in front of some big "cow cakes", but it is really stiffened lava from the vulcanos!
Please, click on the photos and they become bigger.

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