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Thursday, January 24, 2008

What a week!

It all started Monday. Clas caught a cold with a cough and a high temperature and we couldn't play. He was not in good condition Sunday night eighter and I had to sing all the songs.
Tuesday I started feeling ill and after a while I started throwing up and it continued the whole next night! And Clas had still fever.
Wednesday I got high fever too, but I said maybe I will be better Thursday and we can play.
Today I´ve still got fever, but it's lower now, but I've got a sore throat instead and I feel very weak. Hopefully my throat is better tomorrow so I can sing.
But one thing is possitiv though! And that is that I've lost 3 kg as a result! ( Is that about one stone?) I have only been drinking fissy water and had a banana in the last 60 hours!
Now we have cancelled our trip to El Hierro. None of us could make it to go there.
And the wall job is put on hold until Monday. None of us have got the power to take down the shelfs and all the stuff in the restroom.
Oh, we just have to realize that the life on Tenerife is not only about sun , beaches and swaying plam trees! Here we are living the real tough life right now! But one thing is good to know; when something is as bad as it can be, it can't get worse. So the future right now should look bright for us, because it's going to be better and better!
If we are better tomorow we will play in the night. We have heard many tourists and friends have been at the restaurant asking for us, and some have even called us and asked when we will be back. Our wish is that we'll be back tomorrow night!

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