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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Every night get its stars

I always keep a statistical eye on our country and western show.
I've got a book where I enter everything about; how many visited us, how many CD:s and what kind of CD:s were sold, was it a good or a bad night, what outfits did we wear etc.
Many times I even write in when people arrived and leaved the island. When I don't know their names they can get nicknames like "The man with the pink T-shirt", "The italians", "The singer", "The good linedancers", "The chatter", "The wanna be", "The drunkards", "The country enthusiast ", "The gigolo", "The party gang", "The restaurant owner from England" etc. Who they really are is a secret! Only Clas knows.
It's a really intresting and valuable journal to read when we can get information about how it exactly was the same time last year.
When I look at last week, but one year ago, I can see it was very crowded and good nights and that means the restaurant owner of Lewinski has lost a lot of money while we have been ill. When we don't play they maybe get 1-3 tables filled with people in the whole night.
When I look at this coming week it's going to be quiet (maybe 80-100 people/ night) in the beginning of the week, but in the weekend we can have about 150-200 guests per night. But of course, we can't trust this system straight of when the weather also makes influence.
The really good nights with many dancers and good response from the audience is getting *** in my book. The nights with only a few dancers and only a little response get ** and if it's a
real bad night it don't receive any stars at all. That kind of night demands to be black!

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