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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Clas has got a new work! Last time we visited Sta Cruz he bought a new game again. Now he has learned how to drive a train in real by using the computer as a simulator.
Yesterday he was driving trains the whole afternoon, back and forth between stations, trying to be on time following the timetable.

Before he was into a game about nasty truck-driving in the US. He drove from state to state and made business of the cargo so that he could collect money to be able to offer attempted bribes. His mum, in the game, was in the prison and he needed to buy some witnesses that were willing to give false witness in the courthouse to get her out.
I was looking once when he was playing that game. I tell you, for sure, it wasn’t only the game that made him sit at the computer day after day! There was a lot of “Dolly Partons” as well!

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Yes I like Country Music