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Saturday, January 26, 2008

My day

Many ask me what I'm doing during all the spare time I've got in the day. Sometimes I get tired to tell about all what I've got to do. And Spare time?! I don't really feel that I've got any! I am busy all the time and never get boring.
When we come home from the restaurant about 0' 30 in the nights I many times have a shower.
Specially if it's been a warm night with a lot of linedancing. Then we sit on the ballcony and eat a small meal and talk and I don't get to bed before about 3 o'clock. If I start working on the computer (answering e-mail, bloging etc.) the bed time can be as late as 4 or 5 o'clock, which is the time when Clas gets tired. You maybe ask why we don't go straight to bed when we get home? It doesn't work!
I try to sleep 8 hours which means I wake up in the noon. If I don't get a sleep of eight hours I need to take a nap in the afternoon, to be fresh in the night. That's just how it is!
In the daytime I have got a lot of things that need to be done. I clean the apartment 1-2 times a week ( the dust is abundant on Tenerife!), wash clothes and do the ironing 2 days a week (we use a lot of outfits every week), do the dishes, take care of the flowers, go shopping fruits and breakfasts and night meals. But this is only about the home.
Then, one day a week, I need to help Clas to make the CD:s we sell in the nights.
When I get time I listen and search for new songs + do the rehearsal. Right now I have got 8 new songs to practise.
I go out shopping new clothes and boots for us 1-2 days a week if I get time. And one day a week I plan the outfits we are going to wear the coming week. I blog and answer e-mails almost every day. And right now we are on the threshold of producing a new CD. We are already deleyed when it should have been ready this week! Reason: Lack of time! Hopefully the people that already have ordered the album will be patient.
When we start playing at 9 pm we leave our home about eight to get time to eat the dinner we get at the restaurant every night. This means I start doing the makeup and the nails at 7 pm every night which means I start preparing myself 2 hours before the official show time.
If I still got any spare time I call my family, and sit in the sun, we go out for lunches with friends and go shopping to Sta Cruz etc. But that happens very seldom. Look how pale I am! Sometimes I really look like a ghost!!
When people that we know, come down to Tenerife, it sometimes put everything on the edge. I then become deleyed with all the undertakings. To just sit down and keep holiday in the middle of the work causes stress later on. That's an experience!
We are out in the restaurant six nights a week and our night off we spend somewhere in another restaurant with people that like to meet us. That means we very seldom get a night on our own. Months passes without an evening in our own home! It happens only when we get ill, like now.
But we don't complain! We like this life and think we were born to do what we are up to.
I get tired to explain all this over and over again...That's why I decided to write this post. Now I can tell everybody that ask to go and read my blog.

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