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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The workers

The bathroom is almost ready now. Yesterday about 3.30 pm the workers showed up.
It was the director, the tile man and the assistant. The tile man will be back today and fill the joints with the pulp and then it’s ready.

When the wall work finally started yesterday everything happened rapidly. I lied on the bed trying to collect strength for the evening, but the door bell was ringing constantly and I became an involuntary door watchman.
After a while Clas left his computer and came and put a carpet in between at the door, ignoring my protests. It seemed like he was tired of the noise of the bell. But as soon as he went back to the computer I got up from the bed and toke the carpet away.
I don’t like our door to be open so that somebody can sneak in and steal something.
Our friends from Sweden were once robbed in Puerto de la Cruz when they had left the main door open. They were sitting in the living room with friends drinking coffee. A thief stopped by when he felt the smell from the Swedish coffee and went in and toke the coffeemaker.

When the lady later on went to the kitchen, to have the pot for an other round, it was gone.

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