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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My new shoes

At last I have found shoes with block heals. Block heals are my favorites but it hasn't been possible to find them here on Tenerife for many years. They have been out of fashion.
Maybe it would have been possible to find a pair if you would be satisfied with aunt shoes, but this is exactly the model I have been dreaming about. The heal is colossal. Bigger than I ever have had before, but that's in' now and I like when there is a band with a buckle over the foot.

I really wonder how it's going to be to line dance in them. Hopefully the heals aren't too clumsy.
If they are I can start using them as shopping shoes when they are very comfortable.
Oh, I can't wait to start using them!

I found these shoes at Carolina Boix yesterday and I was almost seized with dread when I had to decide the color.
They have got red, brown and black ones and I finally choose the brown ones when I think I probably will get the most use of that color.
I have already got a pair of black shoes that I like very much and they are in the same model but have got wedge heals and because of that I picked the brown ones.

Carolina Boix always have nice prices.
Don't miss out to visit them while you are on Tenerife.
There's one shop in Los Cristianos on Calle Suecia and one shop is in the Commercial Center opposite the hotel Medditerania in Las Americas.

I only payed 34.90Euro for these shoes! Very nice price!

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