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Friday, October 31, 2008

Our day off

The Scandicshop cafe'

We woke up at eleven this morning and we decided to go to Scandicshop and have our breakfast there. They have got really lovely prawn sandwiches.
After the meal we went back home but I started a zig-zag walk on Calle Suecia where it is a lot of shops.
I didn't find much but they have got some new stuff that struck my fancy.

Tonight we are going for dinner to Las Americas. We'll maybe need a nap before to not be so tired when we woke up so early.
I need my eight hours of sleep to stay happy and smiling.

Buy the way, we had a group of people at Lewinski yesterday who have been traveling by Sterling Airlines to Tenerife. They have had a good luck and have been able to buy new return tickets with an other company and will leave on Sunday.
The passengers that travel buy Sterling Airlines will not get their money back.
If you have booked a flight further on and payed with a credit card you can cancel the payment and get the money back.

I bought this black handbag today.
I would like to have one with a lot of fringes
but will use this one until I can find one.

I also bought this necklace.

I have been missing a watch in brass for a long time.
I need one to use together with my other brass jeweleries
and today I decided to buy this one from Stradivarius.

I also bought this ring, made of tin, from Stradivarius.
It fits well with one of my bracelet.
Oh, Clas is already in the bed. I need to go now...
I will put up some photos from our dinner in Las Americas later.

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