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Friday, October 24, 2008

Our day off

It's Friday again and our day off.
I try to not do so much on the days off. I just relax and enjoy the day and try to make it different from the working days.
Everybody need to chill out and recharge the batteries. So even the musicians!
I have only been doing strength training so far today and thats almost like a therapy.
You feel so satisfied after and I like to feel a little of the muscular pain that comes afterwards too.

Some people can't understand that we have a lot to do in the daytime.
They seam to think we have got all the time in the world to just be lazy, but it's not like that when you live and work here.
We can't live the lazy life of the tourists and the pensioners. Believe it or not!

I'm not going to tell you all what we do, because I'm so tired of telling everybody about it all the time.
Sometimes it really feels like we have to explain everything we do to just prove we are not lazy.
We know in our hearts that we are not lazy and if somebody believe something else it's their problem!

Sometimes people also become jealous of "our luxury life" (as they see it) and they can't handle it.
We (Clas and I) have decided to just do what we like to do, to buy what we like, and to enjoy life as much as we can.
It's not about being lazy or posh! The most of the days we like to do a lot of boring stuff, because we like to have a nice and clean apartment, we like to have everything in order, and we both like to make individual developments and enjoy learning new things etc.
We like to make our own decisions and to be free to follow the intuition of our hearts.
That's life for us and I wish more people could do the same.

When you are born and grown up in the culture of the `Scandinavian jante law´ it's easy to just start living a life of pleasing everybody to be accepted. But we got to taste the freedom while we lived in the US and since that we resist the spirit of control that it's all about.

Tonight we are going out for dinner with Mr and Mrs Paro from Finland.
I will put up some photos later.
Have a nice weekend!

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