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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Shopping food

My favorite shampoo

Our refrigerator is always empty. We tell each other all the time that we need to go out and buy something to have for breakfast and the night snack, but we never get it done.
The most of the days when we wake up we go out and have the first meal of the day in a restaurant and many nights we go to a restaurant in Valde Center after we finish work and have a couple of tapas there. I think we have become very lazy or spoiled.

Today I decided to make a change and I went out to buy some delicacies for us.
First I had a soup at a restaurant when I was so hungry that I thought I need to get some energy to be able to carry everything home.

Oh, it wasn't that easy to shop food! There isn't anything that we would like to have.
I scanned the most of the shelfs at the Trebol shop but couldn't find anything to buy.
I just bought some cheese and Salami sausage and salted salmon.
But to be honest it's only the salmon I would like to eat. I am so tired of everything.

When I got back home and started complaining to Clas he smiled and said it's the same for him.
Every time he goes out shopping I tell him to just buy something nice for us, but he says there isn't anything nice to buy.

We have become so spoiled to get nice plates in the restaurants that we don't like to have any simple food anymore. And who of us would like to start making nice meals as soon as we get hungry? It would be a full time job when you also have to go out and buy the ingredients.
I know this sounds stupid , but we are really stupid now.
We will probably have to continue going out to have something to eat.

We get the dinner every night at Lewinski which is very nice. Then we don't even have to order when they plan the menu for us every week and we many nights get something from the Canarian cuisine.

But my shopping tour hasn't only been a waist of time. I found a nice flower to buy instead (on the photo). I will tend it later when it has got too many leafs in my opinion.
The shampoo is my favorite. Specially the stuff in the red tin when it protects the hair from the sun which is important when you are on Tenerife.

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