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Saturday, October 11, 2008

New beauty treatments for the face

This former TV-editorial from Sweden is now
testing the new "Skin science cream" for her face.
A cream that's made of sperm. Urk!
The sperm is said to be manufactured in an artificial way (?)
and it contains a lot of vitamin E that makes the skin soft.

In New York the ladies start using poo-poo
from birds and pay about 100Euros for one treatment.
You can have the "Geisha Facial" cure at the Shizuka spa in New York.
This world is really going crazy! Isn't it?

I read some years ago that there was researching going on
to figure out how they can use aborted foetus to produce good anti wrinkle creams.
Maybe that explains why some of the luxury creams in the Us
has a lack of a content description today?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Don't fancy putting that on my face !! I think i will stick to my Garnier ultra lift day cream with spf15 and the night cream. It works just fine and not expensive.