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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Shopping problem

Oh what a relief! It's not only Clas and I who can't find any food to shop in the markets here on Tenerife! Many people seam to have got the same problem.
I blogged about my shopping tour to the Trebol the other day and after that people started telling me they have got the same problem.

The shelfs are, of course, filled with stuff in all the markets but it's a lot of "trash-food" that you don't like to have.
If you come to Tenerife for one or two weeks you'll make it, but when you start living here you will soon face the problem.

The charcuterie counter is filled with a lot of artificial hams and sausages and they all look to just taste pork. You don't find the salt smoked beaf steaks and the smoked turkey or classic smoked ham that are my favorites in Finland. The smoked turkey ham looks more like a sausage here and so do the hams. Some salami sausages taste lamb or goat. Urk!

Many of the cheeses are tasting goatmilk and I almost start vomiting when I think about it.
But you can find nice cheeses! Buy a cheese that is made of "leche de Vaca" which is cow milk. Or do you like the taste of goat?

The bread is maybe the worse problem. There's a lot of white bread here but my stomach swells up when I eat it.
You don't find any healthy wholemeal bred of the type we have in Finland. There is a similar bread from Germany but it tastes terrible and lasts for months!

The yoghurts are eatable but they are quite sickly-sweet and some of the milks are very sweet. Buy the fresh milk, if you can find it, and you get the best one!

The meat is, of course, normal but many times there is a lot of bone chips in it.

The fruits and vegetables are lovely but here in the center of Los Cristianos we buy them from one single shop (the one opposite Valde Center) . Many of the other markets some times sell second class fruits or rubbish vegetables and charge full price.
If you find small round yellow mangos don't hesitate to buy them! They taste like a sweet dream and are my favorite fruits here on Tenerife. You can find them in the autumn.

Prawns and fishes you can buy at Mercadona if you like to have the good ones. If you buy prawns in an other shop you probably only will find the gray ones or the ones that look transparent or the small frozen ones.

If you see Cream Fraishe somewhere...Buy as many as you think you are going to need before the date gets too old. That's how I do. There can be weeks without any cream fraishe in the markets. Specially at the Christmas time and the Easter but even during other times.
You don't find fresh cream either but have to buy the one that lasts for weeks.

Oh! This is how it is to live on a small island out in the Atlantic Ocean!
But I don't complain when there are so many other things that are much better than in any other countries. Just think about the weather!
And I'm sure we will survive even when the food isn't the best. We are not on a desert island!

We will soon take a trip to an English supermarket, Iceland, here in the south.
Hopefully I can give you a nice food report then. They are my hope now.
Anybody knows about nice products to buy there? I haven't been there before.

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