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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Questions & Answers

Vladimir Putin is a master of judo.

White or Black? Black when it looks more festive.
Pants or Skirt? Skirts are more feminine.
High or Low heels? High heels are more comfortable.

Wine or Beer? Wine, I don't like beer.
Pork or Chicken? Chicken is my favorite.
Fish or Meat? Fish without bones.

Morning or Night? Night. Hate to have to get up in the morning.
Party-night or Cuddle-night? Cuddle -night.
Self-possessed or Temperamental? Temperamental
Give or Receive? It's more blessed to give.

Beckham or Pitt? Brad Pitt. I don't like football (soccer).
Massa or Hamilton? Massa. But Räikkönen is the best one.
US or EU? US think big and have got a better political system than EU.
Bush or Putin? Putin is more sexy and could protect me from all kind of dangers as a former KGB agent.

Town or Country? Town when it's too quiet in the country.
Apartment or House? Apartment. Other people take care of the lawn.
Pool or Beach? Neither. They both contains fat sun oils from sweaty bodies and wee-wee.

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