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Friday, October 10, 2008

Our day off

I have just been resting today not doing much at all.
In the night Clas liked me to teach him how to make a salmon in the oven.
It was his first time ever, preparing a fish meal, and it turn out very delicious.
After the dinner we both became so stuffed and tired that we had to take a nap on the bed and we slept for about one and half an hour.

It's really lovely to have one night off every week without any appointments or must do's and we can live a normal family life.
We need it to get power to carry on even when we both like our job.
It's also biblical to rest one day a week and if you don't do it you probably will grow weary.
God who has created us knows what is the best and I think if you follow his instructions you will be protected from a lot of misery.

Now I'm going to surf into the line dancers magazine.
I will look for nice popular 32 count dances that we could start playing in the nights.
Many of the new dances we have been playing now have got 64 counts and they are sometimes a little bit difficult to remember and nobody like to be first on the floor.
Of course we will continue playing these dances like My Veronica, Rebel Amor, Oklahoma Wind, A Cowboy and a dancer, Hero, Fire cracker (56 counts), Catch the rain, Amor de hielo etc.
But I would now like to take in some more 32 count dances.
What about Rollin' with the flow, Inside out, and She believes?
We have had the music for a long time but have you learned how to dance them yet?
We tried to play them about two weeks ago but the most of the dancers didn't know the steps.
Maybe they are dances that will not stay with a long run?
Duck Soup is one that hopefully will become popular. It's a beginners dance, easy to learn and fun to dance. I will definitely learn it.

Last night a few couples, doing partner line dances, visited us.
It looks so romantic and beautiful when they dance and I would like to learn more about what songs they prefer.
What's popular now in the partner line dancing?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Clas and Susanne
One of the most popular dances at the moment in the UK is Galway Girl by Steve Earl and Sharon Shannon. It is a 31 count dance with one restart but is quite easy to pick up.
Hope you are both keeping OK.
Connie and Les Johston, Blackpool UK