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Thursday, May 28, 2009


If you speak Swedish I would like to recommend a TV program to you.
It's called "Draknästet" (The nest of the dragons, transl. to English) and you can watch it over the internet on svt.se.

It's a program where people who have good business ideas get the possibility to meet 5 famous investors (dragons) of Sweden and do a presentation of the idea to them.
If the dragons like the idea they invest money on the project + help the contractor to get closer to a success by using their business contacts and knowledge.

Oh, it's so interesting to see all the ideas the people have and to get to know how the dragons think when they decide if it will be a good business or not, and to see how they finally negotiate the contract and agree about the shares in the company etc.
I think it's one of the best TV programs ever!
If you are interested in business you will like it!

It will be nine different programs and now the fifth is released on the site.
I will watch the program as soon as I get this post done.

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