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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Planning outfits next

I have been singing like a nightingale the whole afternoon.
I sang for almost five hours and I wonder now if the neighbors had to wear ear plugs.
Nobody have ever been complaining about it which means they probably can't hear me.
The house where we live have got real thick walls which is nice.

The next project for me will be the planning of outfits.
I will only plan "summer outfits" when the days here on Tenerife now gets warmer and warmer.
To be honest I don't really remember all the shirts and skirts I have and what color they are a.s.o. and it's going to be quite interesting.
I will write a "must buy list" in the same time and when I get it ready I will go out shopping and look for the kind of pieces that is missing. Very fun!

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