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Friday, May 22, 2009

Paint Shop Pro

I'm so happy!
Clas has taughth me how to use a lovely program on the computer, called Paint Shop Pro.
We have been talking about it for a long time, that I absolutely must learn it, but when you work six nights a week it's hard to find the time to just sit down in peace and start concentrating on learning a new program.
This training kept us busy yesterday and today I have made my first photo manipulation, which is the photo below.

I will now start editing some of my photos before I publish them on the blog.
It's a very good program when you are able to cut out a piece from one photo and paste it into an other photo so that it really looks real.
You can also fix a better make-up on your face when you feel unsatisfied with the look you have got on the picture and much more...

It looks like we have been playing at GrandOle Opry in Nashville,
but it's only a manipulation of two different pictures.

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